Site Reliability Engineer

Straightforward, Curious, Effective


Few things I do, but I do them right

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Cloud Computing

Using the cloud technologies to manage efficiently critical systems. Several years of experience with AWS


Several years of production experience with the ground-breaking container managing technology

IT production

Managing daily operations, working with devs and help them ship quality code to production

Bash – Python

Automating all repetitive tasks to focus on what really matters


Protecting the company and the customer’s data. Enhancing the system’s robustness


Managing small to medium size teams. Lead them to accomplish a common goal


Getting things done is crucial in today’s fast-paced world. I’m an objective driven person

Open to the world

I’m used to remote work and stay engaged and productive no matter how far I can be.


Understanding the dynamics of a team. Pulling the right levers to get things done.


A big focus of my work is to enable painless and easy processes. Through automated pipelines I make everyone’s life easier

About me

Few words for you to know me better
Dedicated, Curious, Effective,

I live in Lyon, France
Curious about discovering the world, I travel with my backpack. My journeys led me to make friends all around the world
My friends describe me as someone hard-working and determined but also calm and social

  • Young but with already over 10 years of experience managing production for startups and big companies.

We worked together

And we enjoyed it

Laurent Noel

Senior Production Engineer
Julien is a curious person. He understands quickly new concept and brings a lot of energy to the team.

Nicolas Yvernault

Julien is voluntary and relevant in his interventions. He is rigorous in his work.

Michal J

Senior Fullstack Dev
I worked with Julien for 3 years, he made sure to involve the Dev team into the Ops side of things. He’s very attentive to Dev’s bottlenecks and strives to remove them.

How can I help you ? I can do your Devops work remotly

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